Who we are

We are Fiction Factory, manufacture of the Wikkelhouse (a ‘wrapped’ house), a wind- and waterproof house which is produced sustainably and lasts at least a quarter of a century. The houses were developed tot address the changing needs in contemporary housing. The Wikkelhuis is sustainable, relatively cheap and highly adaptable.

What we do

We will place two cardboard houses on campus. One of them will house start-ups from students of the Hogeschool of Amsterdam and the other one will be used for testing new kinds of facades, designed by students.

The Fiction Factory will also relocate the production of Wikkelhuis-modules to the Head of Java island, for the duration of FabCity Campus. That won’t be too complicated, as the machine which produces the cardboard elements, is attached to a truck acquired from René Snel, the original inventor. From a giant roll, the cardboard is wrapped around an enormous cast. There are 24 layers; each of them is glued to the next. When finished the module is covered in a ‘raincoat’ to make it wind- and waterproof. The whole process cumulates in one module – the average Wikkelhuis is made out of six of those. After 25 years it is time to change the coat. Modules can be added or taken away, depending on the customer’s needs.

Why we are here

We want to demonstrate alternatives for conventional building, which can meet modern housing demands. We want to show how innovation can really add something new to the existing way of building. Our houses are a sane alternative for concrete buildings which often are already being demolished after twenty year – a terrible waste. In one of our houses on campus entrepreneurs of the Hogeschool will reside and the second house will be used for testing new kinds of facades, designed by students.

What we want

We are looking forward to talking to people about building and housing in the future. And to exchanging knowledge and experiences with the other participants.