We Are Data

Who we are

We Are Data was created by two artists, documentarian Thomas Blom and designer Tijl Akkermans. In the Masterclass Sandberg/Media Fund in 2014, they researched Quantified Reality, a complicated and abstract matter. They wanted to create an installation, which would make data more tangible and personal, thus creating more awareness. That is how the MIRROR ROOM came about, an art experience, where people are confronted with their own personal data.

We Are Data

What we do

We Are Data brings a shipping container to FabCity. From 21 April, the audience can test-visit the MIRROR ROOM, an intens audiovisual experience, where they will be confronted with surprising physical and emotional data. Unlike the real world, people will have a choice to either share or delete their compiled details. Friday 13 May, the project will be officially and festively launched with an opening party. The project will go on tour after FabCity, visiting festivals, but also public spaces like shopping malls. The bigger and more diverse the audience, the better.


Why we are here

We want to raise awareness about data. People should realise how collecting, selling and using data, even if they don’t know this is happening, can have a profound impact on their personal and professional life.

What we want

We will look into the new trend of emotional data; Face Recognition and scientifically researched emotional data which are being collected for commercial use. At FabCity we can let people experience how this works, in an artful way.

We will also use this opportunity to connect with other participants. We Are Data will collaborate with neighbour Network Democracy – focusing on the relationship between citizens and data collecting governments.