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We can stand the rain

Rainproof seeks collaboration to face climate challenges

The consequences of climate change are everybody’s business. It is raining harder and more intensely, and our city is simply not equipped to handle all that water. As we’ve filled the city with buildings and pavements, the rainwater has nowhere to go. Rain falls everywhere and everyone can contribute.

That’s why Rainproof invited a large and diverse crowd to their launch of the Rain(a)way Ebb tile at the Rainproof pavilion at FabCity: managing directors of Waternet (their neighbour at FabCity), board members of the regional Water Authority Amstel, Gooi and Vecht, entrepreneurs, residents and public servants officials of the municipality. The presented tiles, which are showcased at the Rainproof pavilion, can easily be incorporated in today’s cities. During heavy rain, the tiles direct water streams to a buffer location in an attractive and effective way.

To underline the need for collaboration and exchange of information and vision, Rainproof organises a meeting between water-experts from Growndowntown, Dakdokters and Mijn Waterfabriek, and representatives of the flexible housing movement – like FinchBuildings and Porta Palace. They get together on June 22nd and will hopefully come up with new collaborations and ideas to rainproof tiny houses.