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EU2016 arts & design programme

To bee…

Hans Kalliwoda's veggie rocket science

He’s not always there, but when he is, he’s always busy. Just like the bees he appreciates so much, he contributed his cleverly designed and craftily constructed Pollination Lab (World in a Shell) to them – a bright red beacon among the tiny buildings at FabCity. Artist Hans Kalliwoda spends his time at FabCity making people aware of the solutions he created to keep the solitary bees from extinction. And when he’s not busy doing workshops or presentations, he works on his solutions, like his Veggie Rockets, which are developed to place in individual gardens. The rockets are meant to contain several kinds of plants and flowers to create a living environment for the solitary bees in the city. The objects can be found in the Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam-West, where the neighbourhood is actively involved in saving the bees.