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The last of Europe by People

FabCity closes but EbP continues with two final programmes.

While FabCity is being dismantled, Europe by People will continue this week, with two final programmes: the extensive performance Odyssey, a collaboration of nine European drama school based on Homer’s classic tale of an epic journey. And the screening of the documentary Tomorrow, showing solutions for current global problems, thought up by Europeans.

The weather gods decided to let FabCity have a great last weekend. It was a weekend full of workshops, performances, tours, construction, connection, laughter, food, drinks and music.

Last events at FabCity

The artists at the containers on top of or around the Learning Lab were the last participants to join FabCity. They were creating their performances for Over het IJ Festival, which will start in July. At FabCity, they invited the audience to inspire them, feed them with thoughts, feedback and quotes. The improvising dancers of SineForma were using the audience to collect inspiring quotes as a background for their performance.

Flemish artist Marieke der Mul was asking visitors to comment on lyrics of her European pop song in progress. She’s making the song in stages, adjusting it when political events – like Brexit – occur and letting people contribute with ideas, comments and advice on her outfit.

At AMS, you had the last chance of having your picture taken, on a bicycle with a mask of Mayor Van der Laan. And to leave a note on your least or most favourite spot of Amsterdam. The input collected at FabCity over the past months will be debated in meetings with the Amsterdam municipality.

Next door the Tiny Tim team was constructing a smaller version of their house at FabCity. Despite some rain, the work was progressing rapidly and the building was finished on schedule – before the virtual doors of FabCity closed.