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The heat is on

The Biomeiler is up and getting warm

If you’re cold, you can find some warmth at the Biomeiler. This impressive, whitewood made barrel, which by the way is only a fraction of the size this bio-based heating system normally is, has for the past few days been filled up with 4000 litre of water and seven cubic metres of wood chips. The water comes from the river IJ, the wood chips from the municipality East-Amsterdam – it is the waste from the communal green in this part of Amsterdam. The 2.5 metre high and 2-metre wide construction was designed by Studio Content, residing in the container next to it. In the centre of the barrel, surrounded by biomass, a container with 200-litre water has been placed, which will heat up till 70 degrees. A tap will be placed on the Biomeiler for people to experience the working of the Biomeiler – they can wash their hands with naturally heated water.

The Biomeiler is connected to all kinds of sensors which measure the rise and drop of the temperature and provide valuable information about the effects of the wood used as insulation material. And it says something about the durability of the heat; it should be able to last weeks or even months.

The building of the Biomeiler didn’t take long and went smoothly, apart from a tiny hick up during the installation of the sprinkler, as you can see from the picture.