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EU2016 arts & design programme

Table for fifty, please

It is not everyday you get to sit at a ten metre long table, but now at FabCity, you can.

In the FabCafe participant MyEarth installed the table, made by Nederlands Hout – a company specialised in fabricating furniture out of Dutch wood. Isabelle Wisse was present when the ten metre long planks were bolted to the steel frame. She told us the planks – which had to be sawn at a professional sawmill in Friesland – stem from an at least a century old oak from an estate in the province of Overijssel. ‘It was cut already ten years ago – the wood was initially intended for a boat, which was never built. They were able to cut the tree almost whole, which is very rare. You hardly ever find planks ten metre long.’

The steel frame is made by a local blacksmith in Haarlem and the signs on the table’s surface – stating the manufacturers and the origin of the wood – were made by a Haarlem engraver. During FabCity at least once the table will be used for an official meeting – with the representatives of the 34 cities which are part of the Metropoolregio Amsterdam where MyEarth wants to establish a Green Climate Belt. After FabCity the table will be for sale. ‘It is not for everyone’, Wisse laughs. She thinks the unique piece of furniture would cost around 25.000 euro.

It would be fit for maybe a library, bank or congress centre.