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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme

Solutions for people with Alzheimer

The ADS-mirror, a product which supports the daily life structure.

Alzheimer’s disease – almost everybody knows someone who is struggling with it. The disease has a big impact on the daily life of many. I connected design & healthcare in my master course (master Crossover Creativity at the HKU). Research in design and a nursing home gives inspiration to prototype the ADS-mirror (daily life structure – mirror). When the person with Alzheimer is standing in front of the mirror, the mirror will remind them how the patient has to brush his teeth, wash his face or comb his hair. For this prototype I’m searching for caretakers and people with Alzheimer’s disease who can test the prototype of the ADS-mirror.

My research question is the following: How can we improve the wellbeing of people with Alzheimer’s disease in an informal care setting, supported by ADS (daily life structure) and empathetic design? When people can take care of themselves for a longer time with the help of this product, this might improve their wellbeing. Empathetic in this sense means that the product can actively sense when the person with Alzheimer needs support.

Testing prototype: The ADS-mirror

Looking for care-takers and people with Alzheimer who can participate and test the ADS-mirror.

The ADS-mirror is a smart mirror which shows tutorials about daily care. Like brushing teeth, washing the face or combing hair. For my research I need caregivers and people with Alzheimer’s who can test the usability. In this user-test I will test different movies, different placements on the mirror and I will be doing research about the need of voice support.

For future development we need to find out what works best. Are tutorials really helping them or does it make people confused? Do we need voice support? Health care professionals and family of people with Alzheimer’s have tested it before. At the Java Island I’m looking for partners who can involve in this project by helping to test the ADS-mirror. For example, organisations who work with people with Alzheimer’s or families of these patients.

Requirements for the test person are the following. The test person:

– Is in the first stadium of the disease

– Lives in his/her own home*, because they have to have the need to hold the daily structure by themselves and with help of the family. *It also can be sheltered housing at a nursing home

If you know anyone with Alzheimer but you’re not sure if this person is able to test it, please let me know by sending an email, we can think about a solution of how we can test it. Testing the prototype is by appointment, and if possible at the location you suggest, for example in his/her own bathroom.