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Put your hand up for FabCity!

Become part of the FabCity team as a volunteer, before it's too late.

As a volunteer, you are part of the FabCity team and you can help create an extraordinary festival. We offer a variety of positions:

  • Host
  • Guided tours
  • Education
  • Crowd Support
  • Helping hands
  • Host


If you like meeting new people and would enjoy talking to visitors about what they can do and see at FabCity, then join us! As a host, you are the face of FabCity. You will welcome visitors, answer questions and help them find their way to a pavilion or programmed event. The working hours vary. There are morning, afternoon and evening shifts. Choose whatever you want!

Guided tours

Every day, different groups visit FabCity to see what is going on. You could be their tour guide! Tour guides show groups around the premises, visiting all pavilions and meeting participants who will speak passionately about their projects. Sometimes tours are planned on request. We also have scheduled daily tours: every Monday to Friday at 4 and 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 1, 3 and 5 pm. Your working hours depend on both the planned and scheduled tours. A shift will involve two tours.



Almost every day, groups of primary school children arrive to take a look at the Pretty Plastic Plant and discover FabCity. One part of the group works with plastic while the other looks around FabCity. You will work when there are groups visiting, either in the mornings or afternoons.

Crowd Support

As well as the interesting and diverse pavilions at FabCity, there is also a programme of events. You will help host these events. Working hours may vary – the events take place throughout the day and at night.

Helping hands

Are you skillful and not afraid to climb containers, build shelves or water the plants? We would love for you to give our site managers Jochem and Jim a hand, with all kinds of chores. Working hours are variable; you can do morning or afternoon shifts.


What do we offer?

  • You’ll be part of this unique FabCity experience and work in a fantastic, versatile and varied environment where culture, creativity, technology and innovation meet.
  • Apart from our eternal gratitude you will receive:
  • The possibility to meet a huge amount of creative people (and maybe even the love of your life)
  • The chance to expand your network concerning sustainability, art, culture and society
  • Get acquainted with innovative and sustainable projects
  • A coffee card for the delicious coffee at FabCafe
  • A wonderful lunch and/or dinner
  • A T-shirt or hoodie of Europe by People.


If you want to be registered as a volunteer, please fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible. And if you have friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbours, brothers or sisters who might want to join, please share this message with them, or bring them with you to FabCity.

Any more questions? Send us a mail at

We look forward to meeting you! The FabCity team:

Frans, Egbert, Marjo, Mark, Theodoor, Bernadette, Christel, Claartje, Leonoor en Lisa.