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An expedition through the Oosterdokseiland area.

Monday April 18, 2016 – 12:30 PM

© Christel vd Craats

After a long introduction week at the Fabcity Campus and Pakhuis de Zwijger, it was finally time for us to meet with our project-group and case owner for the first time; BPD. BPD is the Dutch market leading property development company that is responsible for the area development of the Oosterdokseiland (ODE) since the island in 2000 got a new plan of use to improve this central situated piece of land. The island covers a total of 225.000 m2 spend on offices, retail space, housing, and parking garage; ingredients for a successful occupation of the land I would say. Yet, we wouldn’t be invited to this field trip if there were no bumps in the road for reaching their goals.

While enjoying the nicely served lunch at the BPD local island-office, Jessie Wagenaar, sales director, and Jeroen Galle, project director, introduced the company, the Oosterdokseiland and the two assignments to us. The first assignment focuses on the sensible (re)use of trash in order to constrain the amount of trash produced by the island. The second assignment has its main focus on building a community on the island for the people visiting the island. It is an urban space of constant flux but the area isn’t a lively neighborhood that is visited by people because they want to, but only by those that need to be there.

Meeting the stakeholders

© Christel vd Craats

At 1:30 pm we left the building for a little tour on the island, which was set up to meet with some important stakeholders who were willing to share their thoughts on the project. The group who favored the second assignment went to the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton where the general manager, Caroline Receveur, had prepared a small presentation on the involvement of the Hotel in the island community and on her vision of how this community must be shaped in the future. A very inspiring woman who possesses the great ambition to lift ODE to a much higher level than it is right now. She is already taking the lead in doing so by setting up for example a 24h-library at the hotel and organizing neighborhood drinks and yearly island cleaning days.

The next, and last, meeting was with Alex Suijk; an occupant who currently owns one of the beautiful penthouses on the island and also takes place in the residents’ board. As one the most active residentsIMG_1145 on ODE, he was certainly the right person for informing us on their preferences and shortcomings of ODE. He came up with some very interesting insights that could contribute to the creation of the island-community. After this meeting, we all returned to the BPD office where we met up with the other group again to exchange stories and to close off a very interesting and excited day full of inspirational input.