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Making it concrete

Italian developer 3D concrete printer at FabCity.

Together with his brother Enrico, Riccardo Dini developed the printer head for the 3D concrete printer, which came to FabCity in collaboration with building company BAM. In Italy the duo is working with an even larger printer; it can produce objects of 4 square metres with a variable height.

The 3D concrete printer at FabCity is somewhat smaller but still impressive to watch. It prints layers of sand on the flat surface, adding a binding agent to it in the places needed.  Riccardo, who is a mechanical engineer visited FabCity to observe the printing process and assist with the installation, which proved to be a bit of a challenge. It took some fine tuning and getting the right bolts and screws to get the desired result.

The 3D printer will be officially presented next week – more information will follow so check our calendar.