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Office caravan for rent

Getting to know the FabCity participants

Carolien Koehorst is one of the founders of KantoorKaravaan, a company offering workspaces in nature with their mobile, off-the-grid office units, which are made out of obsolete caravans.

People are losing touch with nature

‘People are losing touch with nature’, explains Koehorst. ‘It is at the root of a lot of problems – global problems like climate change, and personal problems, like burn outs.’ The people behind KantoorKaravaan (apart from Koehorst Tom van de Beek and Frank Gorter) love being and working outdoors. This love, combined with their concern about aforesaid problems, made them look into creating mobile offices.

‘We look for caravans online or through our network’, Koehorst tells. ‘Once we find one, we customise it with sustainable materials. Our very first office was made largely out of pallet wood. The cushions were manufactured by Spijkerbrij, a small company turning used jeans into new products. And the floor was made by Interface, a sustainable carpet tile manufacturer.’ The caravan was painted with leftover paint, which otherwise would have gone to a waste dump. ‘On campus, we will place a caravan, which can be used by anyone who needs office space and would like to be outdoors. The office contains a desk, a chair, solar-energy produced electricity, WiFi and a coffeemaker. And of course, a wonderful view.’

The caravans will be available from the beginning of April right until the end of FabCity Campus, the 24th of June. KantoorKaravaan also aspires to customise a caravan on-campus – so everyone can see how the mobile home is turned into a mobile office. ‘At the moment we are finding financial means through crowdfunding’, Koehorst says. ‘When the money is there, we will start the renovation.’

The caravan at the FabCity will be available for rent. It can house a few people sharing the coffeemaker and WiFi. Interested? Send a mail to For more information on the caravan, visit the website