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It’s all about sharing

Flo.Co’s waste house is growing, as is its community.

At one FabCity-pavilion making the city of tomorrow is being  taken quite literally. Flo.Co is building its house out of waste on the premises, producing serious noise and dust, and a serious house. After a weeks delay – due to polar weather conditions – Florian Beukeboom (who, together with friend Dominique Almeida, is Flo.Co) is back on track. His father came along for a day to lend a hand, putting together the walls for the bathroom.



Flo.Co is not just building a house; it is building a community on and around FabCity. They are collecting collaborators and sponsors – finding people, stuff and knowledge everywhere. ‘We just got some obsolete book- and cd-cases from the OBA (the Amsterdam public library)’, Beukeboom tells, demonstrating a part of a case reading ‘classical’. ‘I guess classical music is not much in demand anymore’, he smiles.

Parts of the cases are used to create walls in his bathroom and other parts will serve as raw material for marble runs, which will be made in a workshop for school kids. Beukeboom proudly shows some more achievements: a giant construction lamp made out of fluorescent tubes, a couch  constructed from an old wine rack, a cat shelter fabricated from plastic bands and an inner tube.

Inner tubes

As the house is growing, the large container at the building site, packed to the brim at the start of the project, is getting emptier by the day. ‘We now need more material’, Beukeboom says. But he is not worried, because over the past month he’s been able to build an impressive network of providers, workers and creative minds. ‘A local wanted to contribute; he lent us his circular saw and brought us 30 inner tubes, which we needed to put in between the steel and wooden construction.’ From Jelte Glas, at FabCity with Woonpioniers’ Porta Palace, he received his cut-off saw to use, and the keys to the Porta Palace to stay in. Which is nice, because Beukeboom actually lives in Rotterdam.

But Beukeboom is not just receiving; he is generously sharing his obtained riches with whoever wants some of it. Art students from the HKU can use the steel I-beams, to materialise their dream of a multipurpose sculpture at the edge of FabCity. Together with neighbour MX3D he made another bench out of his waste material. ‘People of Learning Lab passed by and told us they need benches as well. So I told them to come and fabricate them out of some waste material. It is all about sharing. This is what makes me happy.’


Red bathtub

Although the house is shaping up nicely, with all of the floors and most of the walls in place, there’s still a lot of work to do. Beukeboom, who is miraculously building the house without any working drawings, is anticipating a giant sliding door made out of old doors. And a bright red bathtub made out of waste plastic. And a wall insulated by the leftover books from the library. And rain showers in the bathroom. Solar panels on the roof. A walk around the house with Beukeboom feels like being hit by an avalanche of ideas. An avalanche which keeps getting bigger and bigger as more people get involved.