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From first impressions to forming ideas

Report Student Programme - Area Oosterdokseiland - by Camilla Hanney

Tuesday’s (26 April) Oosterdokseiland research group meeting at the FabCity Learning Lab presented the students of the Oosterdokseilend group with an opportunity to meet again and exchange ideas.

Before discussing our research into the district, each member of the group was asked to introduce themselves, by giving the origins of their name, the community to which they feel they belong and their ‘gift’. The exercise worked as an enjoyable ice breaker and set a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for our discussion.

We then had an informal chat about the issues that were presented to us by the BPD project office during the field trip to the Oosterdokseiland on Monday 18 April. The two groups that had been separated according to their chosen assignment after the BPD’s presentation received some insight into each other’s expeditions around the area.

Discussing first impressions

ODE field trip 3I was present on the ‘smart trashing’ assignment tour. The main concerns presented to this group were centred on sustainability. During our tour, we were led through the music conservatory and given a brief explanation from a member of staff about the air conditioning and filtering systems present in the building and their ability to enhance the acoustics of the music school.

ODE field trip 5Afterwards we were brought to an underground energy system where we received some technical information concerning its distribution of heating and air conditioning to the surrounding area.

It was interesting to hear feedback from the other assignment group whose focus was geared towards building a more solid community in Oosterdokseiland and helping it to find its own identity.

Presenting ideas & forming groups

After discussing some of the more prominent issues in Oosterdokseiland we were each provided with a post-it sticker and asked to write down three descriptive words that we felt best illustrated Oosterdokseiland. Each word/term was analysed and then a fresh sheet of paper was pinned to the wall with columns for both the negative and positive aspects of Oosterdokseiland. Everyone put their suggestions in the relevant column.

20160426_153537Afterwards, we pitched our ideas to the group. Some members had very concrete, considered ideas while others chose to keep theirs loose and subject to change. After we had listened to our peers’ concepts we then formed smaller groups through a similarity of ideas.

It was then agreed that our next group meeting would take place at the same time this coming Tuesday.