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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme

First FabCity Flag

It's official, the first sustainable city in The Netherlands is on its way
© Maartje Blauw

© Maartje Strijbis

It is now official: by planting a flag on the Head of Java Island on the first day of spring, the start of FabCity’s construction is marked. In a few weeks time, the temporary campus and first sustainable city in the Netherlands will be ready. ‘FabCity is about collectively creating the ideal city’, Egbert Fransen, one of the Europe by People intendants, stated. ‘It often happens that different people are working on solving the same problem, without ever meeting. We want to encourage them to experiment with each other in FabCity.’

The participants will do this in some fifty pavilions of variable size and material, located around eight urban themes. Students, researchers, artists and innovative makers will live and work together for eleven weeks, in innovative homes and offices. They will show solutions to our problems with waste, water, energy, food supply and mobility, and work on creating even more solutions. The general public can find inspiration for making everyday living more sustainable and self-sufficient, like cardboard houses, a plastic factory, hemp walls, smart lights, mobile offices and locally produced energy.