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EU2016 arts & design programme

Find out who you’ll meet at FabCity

Kantoorkaravaan, Studioninedots, WASTED, MX3d and many more.

It already took months of preparation, but the start of spring will also mark the beginning of the actual construction of FabCity. On Monday March 21st the first flag will be planted at Java Island to celebrate the official start of the FabCity construction.

The temporary campus of FabCity is designed by Studioninedots, together with Bruno Doedens of SLeM, Alex Clay of Lesley Moore and a group of designers calling themselves Kop Java Denkers. It will house students, professionals, artists and makers, who will occupy pavilions and tiny houses and offices. It will be freely accessible to the general public, although not 24/7.


But what will you encounter when you enter this test zone for our European future? And who will you meet? Online you can now make you acquaintance with the themes of FabCity (there are eight themes, all representing an urban issue which needs solving) and some of the participants.

Some bring or build their own accommodation, like Kantoorkaravaan, Studio Content, Tiny Tim and Finch Buildings. Some will turn waste into new materials, like WASTED, Cirkelstad and MX3D. Others are there to research, educate and collaborate, like the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and the student of arts academy Willem de Kooning. Waternet will demonstrate and talk about new ways of treating, recycling and saving water, and Rainproof shows how we can deal with flooding as a result of climate change. And you can ‘Meet the Locals’, an actual organisation of locals, who will report to and connect with the campus’ neighbours and residents.