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FabCity Under Construction

All hands on deck for FabCity

Trucks are coming and going, devices and data are checked, furniture arranged, flowers planted – FabCity is on its way to completion. With only two days to the official opening it’s all hands on deck – people are working throughout the weekend to get everything ready. Some of the pavilions are still under construction, others are waiting to be furnished, or need slight adjustments.

In front of the Learning Labs the builders are solving the problem of the soggy ground with stones and a pile of sand. The colourful terrace in front of the Heijmans One, made out of recycled trainers, is getting an appropriate finishing touch: 3d printed, sustainable planters, to brighten up the place even more. The greenhouse, housing the FabCafe is still empty, but the adjacent terrace is almost finished. The fire department arrives for a safety check while curious tourists hesitantly cycle past the entrance, which will welcome the mayor and ministers on Monday. You can join them, at 10 am.

Last but not least – we made a timelapse of the construction of FabCity.