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De Kleine Kapitein enters FabCity

Official opening educational programme.

The first groups of primary school kids visited FabCity, to mark the official start of the educational programme. Of course, it was neighbouring school De Kleine Kapitein (the Tiny Captain) that provided the curious and enthusiastic children. At FabCity, they debated and experienced recycling plastic.

Do you have any idea what happens with these cups after you’ve emptied them? – Marjo van Schaik

The school kids, who brought a container filled with plastic to the premises, were welcomed with lemonade from plastic cups. ‘Do you have any idea what happens with these cups after you’ve emptied them’, Marjo van Schaik, one of the intendants of Europe by People, asked the children. They obviously came prepared, answering ‘recycle it!’ and ‘make something new out of it!’.

Liesbeth van Tongeren, vice parliamentary chairman of Groen Links, asked the groups if they knew where their clothes came from (‘India!’) and where they went after they grew out of them (‘charity!). She then explained that a lot of the plastic we use ends up in our oceans, in birds and fish and ultimately in human beings. ‘One of the reasons I went into politics, is I want to prevent waste ending up in nature.’

The official opening moment was accompanied by as much noise the kids could possibly produce with their plastic cups, after which they visited the Pretty Plastic Plant to have a look and a try at the actual recycling process and Wunderbaum’s auditorium, where they were told about the history, effects and future of plastic. The kids were made aware of the enormous amounts of plastic being used in their daily lives, not only as a means of packaging their toothpaste and lip gloss, or as a material for utensils like toothbrushes, watches, and hover boards, but also as an ingredient in their sun lotion or paint.