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Connecting the community

The Knowledge Mile is an initiative to create the smartest street in the Netherlands.

Two months ago Diederick van Lanschot, Bastiaan Sirag, Wout van den Berg and me (Derk van der Grijp) started the seventh semester of our study Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. This semester we have been commissioned to come up with a great initiative for the Knowledge Mile to increase the visibility of the projects and initiatives around the Knowledge Mile.

Visibility Knowledge Mile

After the first exploratory conversation with Maarten Terpstra (Amsterdam Creative Industries) and Chrystel Credo (Feeling Bright), we have been in contact with various stakeholders. These conversations have eventually led to having several ideas for solving the problem of the Knowledge Mile’s visibility. Ultimately, we presented some ideas to Maarten and Chrystal. Eventually, we jointly agreed to write a plan for starting a pilot with beacons on the Knowledge Mile.

With these beacons, we want to ensure that the various stakeholders in the Knowledge Mile area will be brought into contact with each other in an innovative and fun way. A beacon is a small device that can transmit information to mobile phones passing the beacons. Through a plug-in placed HvA-app and UvA-app, we will run a pilot with students and a number of parties based in the Knowledge Mile area. Students walking along a beacon then get a push message on their mobile with information containing a wide variety of interesting information. All this serves the purpose of contributing to the creation of the brightest street in the Netherlands.