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EU2016 arts & design programme

Coffee and repairs

Czech artist Viktor invites the locals for some small electronic and basic bicycle repairs.

Five artists from around Europe are walking around FabCity and Amsterdam, contributing their creative skills. They are here through ELIA, the European League of Institutes of the Arts and part of NXT a project supporting emerging artists in their career development.

One of the artists is Viktor Vejvoda from the Czech Republic. He is residing in, what he calls his ISO Café, in a container aside to the Learning Lab at FabCity. His café is also a repair shop, or a design office, or just a place to enjoy the beautiful view of FabCity and its surrounding water.

Viktor with intitial bike waste_photo Bert Kommerij

The container is filled with stuff, which Viktor has found or was brought to him. He lovingly repairs found or brought objects, like bicycles and printers.

He calls his project ISO – International Organization for Standardisation – the institution determining the standards for shipping containers worldwide. He provides a café service for Java people; you can phone or text him (+31 686 008 696), and he will serve coffee from the bike table he built.

At his container, people can visit to have small electronic and basic bicycle repairs done. You can also ask for stuff to be printed or scanned on his recycled printer. And Viktor will help you with graphic design of what he calls ‘daily needed papers’, like to-do lists, manifestoes, and greeting cards.

You can find more information on Viktor and his projects here: