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Circularity challenges at Amsterdam Arena

Students from Wageningen University develop solutions for plastic waste at the Amsterdam Arena.

With a group of four students we are currently working on an eight-week consultancy project, focussing on the plastic waste flow in the Amsterdam ArenA. During this project, different problems regarding the plastic waste flow are explored and possible solutions identified. We discovered new sustainable technologies and connect these to service concepts. By doing so, our solution is expected to contribute to the main pillars: financial profitability, environmental sustainability and enhanced visitor experience.

“…the biggest open innovation challenge in the world…”

Contributing to the new Innovation Arena, and “the biggest open innovation challenge in the world” displayed a very attractive task and opportunity to all of us in the beginning of the eight weeks. Being part of it and contributing to a new sustainable ArenA was especially for us, as Master students of Urban Environmental Management, a chance to gain interesting real life experiences. We felt very enthusiastic to be a part of this challenge and the spirit is still alive.

“Imagine, how nice it could be to see results of our project on TV during the European Championship?!”

Sentences like that, dominated the first days and weeks, without being fully aware of how complex our task really is. However, just arrived in week four, we have a far more realistic way of approaching w to the issue. Stakeholder consultations, assessing business models, creative brainstorming and material flow analyses are part of our current daily business. By doing so we want to introduce new techniques and services to the ArenA, to provide them with a holistic solution which admits to the main pillars of profitability, environmental sustainability and an enhanced customer experience.

Halfway on our path towards this goal, we are confident that we are able to reach this objective and to satisfy the demand of the Amsterdam ArenA by providing one small puzzle piece to the plastic problem as part of the Innovation Arena.