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EU2016 arts & design programme

A Green Concept

We finished our concept for the ODE, presented it to the project office BPD, got feedback and ended up in some interesting meetings.

We almost finished our concept of the ODE project the last two weeks. After all the surveys on the Oosterdoksstraat and interviews with residents, the main conclusion is that the island is missing green spaces.

Since our mission was to create a community by building together we came up with this public backyard park. A garden where the companies and residents come together. With a pavilion where you can listen to live music played by students of the conservatorium, get a drink what the DubbelTree Hotel provides and take a book provided by the OBA and read under a tree. This will all be available while you can educate yourself about self-sufficient and sustainable technology presenting itself right in front of you in the park. All this information will be provided by NEMO. To integrate the residents into the park initiative, it would be nice if every one of them could plant their own special tree.

© Esmee Lim

Besides the park concept we figured out that the Oosterdokseiland residents already started a campaign to separate plastic waste. We think we can take this a step further and actually create  products of the plastic waste, which can be done by 3d printing. We want to print objects for the residents in the park from the waste of the residents. So together they would build the perfect backyard park!

A Green Issue

After we presented this whole concept to the BPD project office, there was one issue. The designer of the island didn’t allow any trees, since the design concept was to create a harbor look. That’s where we wanted to expand the actual idea of the harbor concept. To actual create a nice and cosy harbor where people can come by boat to have a drink on the Oosterdokseiland. Add some electric charging points to stimulate the electric boats as they do with the electric cars.

Besides the issue with the trees, BPD did actually really like the park concept with the pavilion. What Jessie Wagenaar, from BPD, liked about our concept and our research are the trees. A green area.

Finally, we had a second meeting with Jeroen from Mothership in Rotterdam. In his nice artistic open office he helped us to make this next step. How we can actually execute our big concept, how to bring it down to an enforceable project and who we should collaborate with. So we will take his feedback into account and work on it for two more weeks!