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A date with data

We Are Date - Mirror Room officially launched

If you’re curious about what happens with all your personal data collected without you knowing, visit the We Are Data – Mirror Room. The installation was officially launched last Friday.

In the presence of over 100 guests the We Are Data – Mirror Room kicked off on Friday 13 May at the FabCity campus in Amsterdam. From now on the public can visit the installation.

Valued partners such as VPRO, Baltan Laboratories and technical specialist Vicar Vision explained their involvement and plans for the We Are Data – Mirror Room. But above all, it was a nice party to celebrate the success of the entire team that has developed the groundbreaking installation.

Prem Scholte Albers, technical producer of Europe by People, was picked (blindfolded) from the audience as the first visitor of the installation. After he symbolically cut the ribbon he underwent the experience in the installation. The measurements carried out and the data collected about Prem remain unknown. He has chosen to delete his personal profile. In his response, he said ‘I’m aware of the amount of data that can be collected from me and I’m extremely careful with that.’

Up until 26 June, the Mirror Room is at FabCity, after which it will travel through the Netherlands including LowLands and the Dutch Design Week. Check out to keep up to date about the tour programme.