Tiny Tim

Who we are

We are the creators of Tiny Tim, the off-grid mobile tiny house. Our team consists of three UvA-students, FARO architects lead by Jurgen van der Ploeg and architectural and landscape photographer Hans Peter Föllmi of IC4U photography. Initially, we wanted to make sustainable student houses. But in the process, we realised we could create living spaces for just anyone: the Tiny Tim!

Sustainable Student Homes Project

What we do

We will exhibit the Tiny Tim. TIM stands for Timber, Independent and Mobile. Timber is wood, which characterises TIMS appearance. The exterior is made of burnt wood, the wooden interior hides many space saving tricks. Independent is TIM because of his technological genius. TIM produces his own heat and electricity using solar panels. TIM collects rainwater and contains a water treating wall, which makes it possible to recycle water. This makes TIM completely self-sufficient and independent of existing grids for water, energy and sanitation. Last, but not least, TIM is mobile. It has wheels, so you can park him anywhere you want.

On campus, we will build the second TIM. Our team will be present in various formations: the students Dante Föllmi, Abe van der Woude and Waas Thissen, Jurgen van der Ploeg and other representatives of FARO architects and photographer Hans-Peter Föllmi.

Why are we here

This campus is a unique place for showcasing a lot of sustainable and innovative projects. We want to be part of this very special event. We want to demonstrate how modern technology makes it viable to make your household sustainable and off-grid. Too few people know this.

What we want

We notice the Tiny House Movement from America is setting foot on Dutch soil, and that is wonderful. The movement calls for a new standard of living in order to be able to live according to your ideals of sustainability. This is possible, in a comfortable way and without a mortgage. Our goal is to make more people aware of this and make a change. We also hope politicians and urban designers will pick up on the development of mobile living and will start to enable this, together with the movement.