Studio Content

Who are we?

We are Studio Content, an ecological architectural firm. We work with a team of five people at our office and different locations all over the country.

What we do

We will open office for residents of Amsterdam, who have problems concerning civil engineering or architecture. We can help people further develop their own design and building plans. And we can also help them actually execute these plans. 

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Why we are here

We are one of the first completely self-sustaining and mobileofficies in the Netherlands. There’s no way we could not be here! Hopefully, we can contribute substantially to a better future, with our architectural background and point of Content - profiel

What we want

We want to demonstrate a way of self-sustaining (working) life is viable, even now. We want to support individuals obtain this for their own house and life. We want to show what is possible, using local potential. Just taking a different and creative view on things that already exist, we can achieve much more than we think. This is what we mean by ‘content’: it is a state of mind in which the individual doesn’t want more than already is available.