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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme
FabCity Campus

Integration Express

Tuesday 17 May 2016, 5.00 pm
Tue 17 May 2016, 17.00
Learning Lab

Join our co-creating session and help us develop a way to map out social initiatives and therewith speed up the integration process of new arrivals.

We all want to help newcomers, and if we work together we can achieve this even better, more effective and increase our communal impact. The main objective is to find a collaborative solution, which gives an insight into current initiatives that have been established as a response to the large influx of refugees in recent months.

We wish to increase collective impact by mapping the different social entrepreneurial initiatives and create a way, for connecting and strengthening existing organizations.

Creating a way to share knowledge, stimulate collaboration and generate new ideas and solutions.

For this event, we would like to invite initiatives for refugees, creative thinkers and all those that are socially involved. We are gathering important and valuable initiatives, new arrivals and some creative minds to work on this cooperative solution.

 This programme is developed by the HvA and takes place in the Learning Lab at FabCity.

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