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Parliament of Things

This event is in English
Saturday 4 June 2016, 3.00 pm
Sat 4 June 2016, 15.00

The French philosopher Bruno Latour claims that we need a less anthropocentric view on the world in order to deal with the challenges of our time. According to him we have to include the values (not the value) of objects and non-human beings in our political debat. In april and may we host a workshop at Fabcity and take up the challenge to raise a temporary Parliament of things. We invite you to join us in this exploration and to think about the future of our cities, of our planet, from the perspective of objects and non-human entities.

Parliament of things – the workshop is part of the long term project Building Conversation. Inspired on conversation techniques from all over the world we develop new ways of talking. During the workshop we invite the students and visitors of Fabcity to work with us on the creation of a new conversation format in which we radically change our perspective and talk from the position of the things surrounding us; the water, the oil that’s still in the ground, air itself or bricks and concrete. In the beginning of june this new format will be ready to share with a bigger audience.

We work together with Partizan Public, campaign makers from Amsterdam who set the goal to actually raise the Parliament of things in april 2018. ‘We share this world with many. Law should not be centred around Men, but around Life. We are just one party, among all animals, plants and objects. What if we welcome all things into our Parliament? What would be the plight of the planet? The reasoning of a fish? What claims would trees make, and what future would oil see for itself?’ With a group of architects, antropologes, biologists and others we explore how the Parliament of things should look like and function. The findings of the workshop will be shared with this group and contribute to the invention of the Parliament.

Programme & Registration

The workshop starts at 3PM and finishes at 7PM.

If you want to join the workshop please send an e-mail to: join[a]

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The workshop is in dutch or english, depending on the participants.