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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme
The wall

New Europeans

7 Jan 2016 - 31 Jan 2016
Thu 7 Jan 2016
The Wall

New Europeans is a testzone for everyday life which for six months is occupied and shaped by a group of young European creators and thinkers. From January 1st until June 30th, these young Europeans will co-create a physical space with artistic interventions and a cultural programme. This test zone will be visible and visitable to the general public and attendants of the EU programme. They will also communicate the project to the outside world, partially through an online platform, where their work will be complemented by contributions from all over Europe.

New Europeans stand for a Europe by people. A Europe of doing, gathering, and sharing. One in which people have more in common than a yellow-starred blue flag. In uncertain times, we stand for a Europe in which we share values, rituals and dreams rather than borders and institutions. A Europe of experience and exchange. Of thinking and making, of rebelling and reworking. A Europe in which we deal with conflict by connecting personally, by testing new forms of co-existence. We are a Europe of innovators who develop alternatives for the future of everyday life.

What is Europe to young Europeans today? How would they like to co-exist? Beyond the yellow-starred blue flag, what values, rituals and dreams do they share? What conflicts do they experience? What European future do they envision?

 During the first half of 2016, the Netherlands holds the European Union presidency in Amsterdam. Part of the accompanying cultural programme is New Europeans, a testzone for everyday life which for six months is occupied and shaped by a group of young European creators and thinkers.
They will work on an individual project while collaboratively shaping the whole. The outcomes range from artworks, installations and journalism, to design, reflection and a cultural programme. The work is informed by questions about the kind of Europe they would like to live in, and questions arising from everyday events and daily news. With a rapid response to these questions, the aim is to give a fresh view on what living together in Europe means, now and in the future.

The participants will occupy a research and development village directly adjacent to the location for the EU Presidency meetings: Amsterdam’s historical naval yard. The 75 metre-long test zone will consist of a workshop, an editorial room, a canteen, a watchtower and platforms for ritual (gathering, exhibition, demonstration, etc.). The testzone will move along the wall every month, leaving traces of previous work behind. The public programme created by the group will increase in activity during the six months.

The New Europeans testzone will be shaped by a core group of 10 participants – a multidisciplinary team of young Europeans from different backgrounds.