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FabCity Campus

Kokedama Workshop by We Smell The Rain

Admission € 70
Sunday 12 June 2016, 2.00 pm
Sun 12 June 2016, 14.00

Spring is here and we are opening our studio doors to host a one of a kind behind-the-scenes workshop. Join us at Makerversity’s FabLab at Fabcity where you can indulge your creative side and experience the joys of this traditional Japanese art form.

What will I get out of this workshop:

  • 2.5 hrs of fun, relaxation, knowledge and skills.
  • An energizing, creative environment where you can feel inspired.
  • Instructions, materials and equipment to craft your own Kokedama.
  • Personal one-on-one help will be at hand.
  • A watering demonstration and we’ll share our own plant knowledge and tricks.
  • Basically – you’re going to have a cracking good time!
  • The course will be in English

What is Kokedama?

Kokedama is a Japanese word that can be loosely translated as ‘moss ball’. It’s an old traditional Japanese art form that was also called the ‘poor man’s bonsai’. Kokedama is the practice of removing a plant and its container and roots, surrounding it in a unique soil mixture, wrapping it in moss and binding it together. The original Japanese form of Kokedama was then displayed on an altar-like platform, but modern approaches now see them suspended in the air to form miniature hanging gardens. At We Smell The Rain we have designed our own contemporary methods of hanging Kokedama’s, they are also happy sitting on their own to decorate any flat surface or bowl. To water a Kokedama you simply soak it in a bowl of water once a week depending on the plant type.

Admission € 70
Sunday 12 June 2016, 2.00 pm