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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme
FabCity Campus

Hemp: building material of the future

Monday 30 May 2016, 7.00 pm
Mon 30 May 2016, 19.00
Learning Lab

Hemp is both durable and versatile.But dit you know you can even build houses from hemp? Building with hempcrete has many advantages over conventional construction materials, both for the user as well as for the environment. Recent prefab techniques make hempcrete even more available to fit in regular housing. During this Hemp Meetup about building with hemp, we explore the future of building with hemp. We dive into the technology, but also focus on the market. What are the advantages? Are there any bottlenecks? What else needs to be done to get the regular construction sector interested in using hempcrete as a sustainable alternative to conventional building material?

How can we achieve an acceleration in building with hemp? This is what we will explore with the following experts:

  • Albert Dun will explain the technical characteristics and advantages of hempcrete.
  • Koen Kaljee tells how he applied hemp at his project ‘De Drijfveer’.
  • Martijn van den Heuvel shows how 30 houses made of hemp will be realized in eco-village Boekel.

We will end the evening with a drink. Before and after the Hemp Meetup, there is the opportunity to see the hemp pavilion at FabCity.

For whom?

This evening is for anyone interested in sustainable building: architects, construction experts, designers, planners and developers, but also people who want to build a house.


  • Location: Learning Lab, FabCity, Kop van het Javaeiland (Javakade 201), Amsterdam.
  • Costs: This Hemp Meetup is free.
  • Registration: