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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme
FabCity Campus
FabCity Campus Update

From FabLabs to self-sufficient FabCities

Gratis, maar reservering extern
Monday 16 Nov 2015, 8.00 pm
Mon 16 Nov 2015, 20.00
Pakhuis de Zwijger

During the EU presidency of the Netherlands in the first half of 2016, an Arts & Design program is taking place, titled 'Europe by People, the future of everyday living'. As part of this program, a temporary FabCity Campus is realized on the Java-island, where the future of Europe will be explored. In the run-up to the campus, Pakhuis de Zwijger will organize events every month around the initiatives that will participate.

In 2016 Amsterdam will have its own FabCity on the head of the Java-Island, a mini-society representing future city living. FabCity is modelled after a similar project in Barcelona, initiated by Vicente Guallart. Guallart is the chief architect of the Barcelona City Council, writer of the book the Self Sufficient City and also the founder of a network of FabLabs in Barcelona, which are currently transforming into a ‘FabCity’. We are very pleased to welcome Vicente Guallart from Barcelona to elaborate on this transition. On stage, Guallart is joined by Marleen Stikker, director and co-founder of Waag Society, a social enterprise for creative technology and social innovation.

Also joining us this evening, all the way from Australia, is architect and bicycle fanatic Steven Fleming.  As an academic, over the years Fleming has published many articles and books. In his latests work Cycle Space, Architecture and Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle, he explores ways to make better cities by connecting cycling, architecture, design and urban planning. His design work is aimed at maximising the mode of maximum benefit to our health, wealth and planet, while at the same time dismantling the hegemony of car-centric planning that does more to hurt walking and public transport. Since, the idea of a physical Cycle Space, promoting bike culture all around the globe, has evolved into a practical concept. Cycle Space will be one of the projects featured on the FabCity campus on the head of the Java-Island. Tonight, Steven will tell us all about their take on human progress, powered by bikes.

Free admission
Monday 16 Nov 2015, 8.00 pm
Pakhuis de Zwijger