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Financial market regulation in the Netherlands

Wednesday 11 May 2016, 6.00 pm
Wed 11 May 2016, 18.00
New Democracy Dome

The lack of regulation on the Dutch financial markets is worrisome -- especially in light of the 2008 crisis. We, therefore, welcome you to a live interview with economist Sweder van Wijnbergen, and to join in on the discussion of financial market regulation, its current problems, and future improvements.

The state of regulation of the financial market in the Netherlands has not improved since the crisis of 2008 – which was facilitated by a lack of oversight by governments. The supervision on the financial market is still characterized by an inability to control the large companies, due to a lack of resources and political will. After the crisis, the political world seemed to take notice of these pitfalls and attempted to improve accountability mechanisms and supervision, yet, unfortunately, not much has changed.

Due to the intimidating image of the financial world and the complicated terms used to discuss these issues, many people feel inadequate to discuss the matter – yet, we need fundamental changes in the regulation of the financial sector in order to ensure our economic prosperity. If we want to safeguard the interests of our citizens and protect them from corporate greed, we need more accountability and transparency in the sector.

Participate in the discussion

In order to attain these ideals, this issue needs to be discussed with everyone involved — from journalists, economists, and bankers, to academics and students. We welcome you to join us in this discussion, regardless of your (academic) background– in fact, those with less knowledge about the issue are all the more welcome to come. The interview will be preceded by a short introduction to the topic, and during the interview, there is the possibility to ask any questions to our interviewee, Sweder van Wijnberger.

Everybody is welcome for this programme and you don’t have to sign in. We hope to see you there!