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De Man through Europe

Gratis, maar reservering extern
Wednesday 9 Mar 2016, 8.00 pm
Wed 9 Mar 2016, 20.00
Pakhuis de Zwijger

In preparation of the successful theater performance 'In search of Europe', the Flemish theatermaker Lucas de Man spoke with a number of visionary European thinkers and makers. During the Tegenlicht Meet Up, we investigate how the future of our European societies can be shaped: should we look for individual visionaries, or do we need a collective, institutionalized approach?

Documentary: ‘De Man through Europa’ (De Man door Europa).

Europe is changing. We are living in an exciting and inspiring time, in which we see the rise of a social, bottom-up society. The Flemish theatermaker Lucas de Man travelled to 17 European cities to speak with a new generation of creative thinkers and makers. They see the possibility to introduce Europe, a region that places individuals and free thinking at its core, with new ideas and ways of co-living and co-creating. VPRO Tegenlicht spoke with Lucas de Man, about the stories that he collected during his travel ‘In Search of Europe‘.


Please take notice: Lucas de Man will not be present during the Tegenlicht Meet Up.

During the Tegenlicht Meet Up we talk with creative makers and visionary thinkers about the future of their (European) societies. Which new ways of co-living and co-creating are taking place in Europe; which roles do these individual visionaries play in the shaping of (European) society; is there even something that could be called ‘an European society’; and should these forces not be combined into a collective effort to shape Europe?

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Vlaams theatermaker Lucas De Man gaat langs zeventien Europese steden op onderzoek om het veranderende Europa van onderaf vorm te geven.

Het oude Europa, dat decennialang zo onveranderlijk leek, lijkt in een stroomversnelling te zijn gekomen. Bestaande verhoudingen verschuiven en inspireren creatieve denkers en makers om Europa opnieuw, van onderaf, vorm te geven. De Vlaamse theatermaker Lucas De Man ging langs 17 Europese steden op onderzoek naar onze toekomst.

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Free admission
Wednesday 9 Mar 2016, 8.00 pm
Pakhuis de Zwijger