Pretty Plastic Plant

Who we are

We are Bureau SLA and Overtreders W, architects and spatial designers. We work together on a regular basis, researching and developing visions, but also creating tangible projects like the Noorderparkbar, a cultural meeting point in North-Amsterdam made entirely out of second-hand materials obtained from Marktplaats (Dutch E-bay). Recently, we’ve constructed four mini pavilions out of up-cycled plastic, for the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Our philosophy? Intelligent low tech is the new high tech!


What we do

We will inhabit a workspace in the Waste & Materials area of the campus. Here, we will install our mobile plastic up-cycle factory, to manufacture plastic material for facades. The necessary plastic will come to us in different ways: through the locals, who separate their waste; through WASTED, our campus neighbours, who will collect plastic in the neighbourhoods adjacent to our campus. Furthermore, through visitors who can bring plastic instead of a ticket when entering FabCity. These ‘tickets’ will be delivered to our factory. The material we produce – it will look like plastic slates and tiles – will be used to build a pavilion.

We will be here with Peter van Assche and his team (Bureau SLA) and Reinder Bakker and Hester  van Dijk (Overtreders W).


Why we are here

Every community, including the campus, produces waste. We want to transform the plastic into something new. Something beautiful, unique and useful. We want to show the campus residents and -visitors it is possible, at least from a technical point of view.

What we want

We hope, at a certain point, everyone will understand plastic waste is a valuable raw material, which, in the near future, can be obtained from hardware stores all over the world. Generally speaking, recycled plastic is already looking much better than newly manufactured plastic. People don’t even realise the beautiful design lamp hanging over their table is the new, even more beautiful manifestation of the shampoo bottle they threw out last week. Plastic has been given eternal life.