* Water & Climate Adaptation

Waternet2New Sanitation

We can reclaim much more useful raw material (like struvite) and energy from our waste water, by keeping our waste water separated. Waternet demonstrates which adjustments can be made at home to achieve this, also shows alternative methods of processing and explains the pro’s and cons.


Rainproof FabCityIt’s raining harder and harder, and our cities can’t handle it. Together, we can catch those raindrops and make the cities rainproof. Visit our pavilion to see what you can do. Every drop counts. Our partners are De Dakdokters, GrownDownTown, Sempergreen, de Hamer and Rain(a)Way.

Water Tower

Watertower5The water tower, originally designed for a temporary sustainable festival garden, provides a low-cost, self-sufficient grey water system suitable for inaccessible locations without construction facilities. The whole construction, based on the 1920’s Shukhov Tower principle, was designed to be transportable as a lightweight compact flat pack, while being easy to assemble, erect and dismantle using manpower only.


biomeilerWith garden waste and a little help from nature you can heat your house or greenhouse. The Frenchman Jean Pain invented this method to create compost made from wood chips. By using this type of composting a lot of heat is generated in the center of the biomeiler, which you can easily use by adding a heat exchanger. The Dutch Biomeiler Foundation now tries to generate more interest in building Biomeilers in the Netherlands.


SunfloatWater is a perfect place for solar energy. It’s the biggest sunlight reflecting surface in the world and accessible in the vicinity of almost every city. By combining these properties, clean and sustainable energy is no longer a story from some far away future, but right at your doorstep.