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KantoorKaravaan offers mobile off-grid workplaces in the middle of nature. It’s an experience combining professional life with the exciting and inspirational sphere of wilderness. We set up camp at various locations in the countryside and at FabCity, where we will also transform an old caravan into a proper office. KantoorKaravaan is equipped with WiFi, coffee machine, solar energy, and everything else you need for good workdays.

studio Content

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We are studio Content, an ecological architectural firm. We work with a team of five people at our office and different locations all over the country. We will open office for residents of Amsterdam, who need assistance with their projects in civil engineering or architecture. We can help people further develop their own design and building plans. And we can also help them actually execute these plans.

Finch Buildings

finch buildingFinch Buildings makes healthy, sustainable real estate as flexible as Lego, examples of which are shown on campus. From student housing to hotels and from nursing to holiday homes, the modular system enables us to construct a variety of buildings all based on one particular circular module. We can produce in large quantities together with our partner De Groot Vroomshoop Group (a Volker Wessels company).

Tiny Tim

Sustainable Student Homes Project

TIM means Timber+Independent+Mobile and represents the principles behind this unique and fully off-grid Tiny House. Unique because of the first water-recycling green wall ever and because of a sophisticated balance between energy use and supply, sustainable construction and mobility and between ultimate comfort and minimalistic interiors. TIM goes beyond being just sustainable; it is a total experience.

Heijmans One

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Heijmans ONE, the comfortable mobile home for one, solves two acute problems: the lack of good, temporary rental and starter homes and the desolate sight of abandoned urban areas. Here at FabCity, the Heijmans ONE also serves as a platform to study the future of living and its technological implications. People can visit the house and its innovations. Our goal: a 100% self-sufficient Heijmans ONE.

Woonpioniers1Porta Palace

At Woonpioniers (Housing Pioneers) we envision new ways of being at home in tomorrow’s world. We design and manufacture flexible and sustainable housing solutions (biobased, selfsufficient, plug & play) which help shape a circular economy. Equally important, we develop concepts and accompany projects that put these modern homes into a powerful context by involving communal aspects and site specific characteristics. See for yourself!

Sustainer Homes

SustainerhomeSustainer Homes is an Utrecht-based start-up working on the house of the future. We fabricate comfortable, mobile, self-sufficient homes out of of recycled and reusable materials that are independent of existing sanitation, gas, water or energy networks. At FabCity you can visit our first Sustainer Home, where we are collaborating with energy supplier Eneco on developing TOON, a home computer managing the future energy and water household.


With the cooperation of the city of Amsterdam and students from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, faculty of science, we conduct research into the guiding of visually disabled persons by LED. Also, special sensors are measuring illuminance levels and passage flows. The data of visitors’ movements will be analysed in order to define how specific light situations can influence their behaviour.


Want to become self-sufficient and manage your own energy and energy data? Want to trade your energy with your neighbours or other localliggend HD poster mPareplayers? There are multiple platforms that connect energy data, provide excellent grid control and support your choices for your sustainable local energy management. Some of them you will find here. ‘You’ve just entered the Microgrid zone’.


Water is a perfect place for solar energy. It’s the biggest sunlight reflecting surface in the world and accessible in the vicinity of almost every city. By combining these properties, clean and sustainable energy is no longer a story from some far away future, but right at your doorstep.Sunfloat