* Mobility & Transport


CycleSpace represents the most forward thinking ideas about how the bicycle impacts our future. We will create an outdoor cycling path with Dura Vermeer and Mijksenaar, with different kinds of surfaces, to test CQ. We will showcase future cycle-centric city designs and parking solutions and introduce the Bicycle Mayor Programme. There will be riding and workshop activities for children and we will organise the second edition of CycleHack Amsterdam.


As city dwellers start to enjoy the many benefits of cycling, new challenges emerge. How might we retain the beauty and function of public spaces without being over-run by bicycles? CycleSpace, along with partners Brompton, Lo-Minck, INBO and start-up LinkedLocked propose novel solutions for bicycle-dense cities. Welcome to our bicycle parking innovation gallery! What new ideas are inspired by these design prototypes?


FABcity046More than forty years after pioneering the Witfiets (White Bike), Witkar (White Car) and De Witte Stad (White City), Luud Schimmelpennink has devised an ingenious system to remove congestion from city streets. With partners Biro (cars), VanMoof (bikes), Dura Vermeer and Lo Minck (parking/infra) WitPark (Whitemark) proposes a low-cost, underground storage system that provides cars and bikes on demand.