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Source: inhabitat.comMX3D NODES

We are MX3D, a company that researches and develops groundbreaking robotic 3D print technology. In 2014 we invented an affordable multiple axis 3D printing tool. This allows us to 3D print strong, complex and gracious structures, out of sustainable materials. We are conducting research on architectural nodes and how digital manufacturing could revolutionise the way we build and could lead to a new form language and aesthetic freedom.

The Fundamentals

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Over the past ten years, Cirkelstad (Circle City) has worked hard on innovations, test set-ups and experimental projects, involving people with poor job prospects. We have laid the foundations, represented here by 91 piles. Each of them has a unique code connected to one of the partners of Cirkelstad. Together, these references embody our joint efforts in creating cities without exclusion and without waste.

Plastic wastedPlastic Expo

The Plastic Expo unveils a glimpse of today’s future, showcasing various everyday plastic objects, recycled and made in Holland. Join us in defining a new period of the Plastic Era, where today’s recycling possibilities are tomorrow’s mainstream.



The Academie van Bouwkunst (Academy of Architecture) is programming activities linked to education, on a lot. We focus on discovering, making and experimenting with new materials. We are also looking for interaction with the other residents of FabCity. On our ‘Construction Site’ is room for experiments, presentations and debates – over time we would like it to become a collage of materials for the future.

Pretty Plastic Plant


The Pretty Plastic Plant produces real building material from plastic waste. You can bring your plastic garbage and witness the whole transformation process from scrap to product. This factory sorts, washes, grinds and moulds plastic waste and turns it into unique and outstanding products. This facility lets you clean up your own trash and build something beautiful with it. Here, plastic will become better than it ever was.


How does one make happiness and how happy does making make one? Makerversity offers an opportunity to explore the intangible aspects of the physical process of making, and the happiness factor in the context of a third industrial revolution.

Hemp District

Hennep House fabcityHave you ever been inside a hemp house? Have you ever worn hemp clothes? Or tasted hemp food? This ancient crop is on its way to make a comeback! The hemp plant is proving to be a very sustainable solution for the environmental challenges we are facing today. Come and experience our hemp future @ the Hemp District.

Concrete 3D

3D Printing BAM_ABN AmroIs 3D printing the future of the construction industry? What are the implications of circular economy? Should start-ups be supported by established companies? Find the answers in this workspace! BAM & ABN AMRO, in cooperation with Universe Architecture, demonstrate a unique 3D concrete printer for the development of the Landscape House and The Circular ABN AMRO Pavilion at the Zuidas! The workspace is a knowledge center for a circular economy and a meeting place for start-ups and companies.


FloCoFlo.Co is building a movable studiohouse and is hosting five types of workshops around waste materials. Our goal is to show society how to implement waste materials into sustainable design, in a low-tech way. By educating society in a fun way, we want to change the image of waste materials. Everyone can participate in being a part of the future of today, wasteful thinking is a mindset!


Welcome to the future. In a few years, the word waste won’t exist anymore. Waste will be our new raw materials. This building, designed by Studioninedots is completely made from StoneCycling’s WasteBasedBricks. Bricks made from demolition and industrial waste. Walk in and see what it does to you. How do you feel? Does it change your perspective on what waste is and can be?



A special little house made out of cardboard. Sustainably built to last. And to suit all your needs. We have placed two cardboard houses at FabCity. One of them houses start-ups
from students of the Hogeschool of Amsterdam and the other one is used for testing new kinds of facades, designed by students. The Fiction Factory has relocated the production of Wikkelhuis-modules to FabCity, for you to witness.


AEB Amsterdam and Inashco recover valuable metals and minerals from the bottom ash which remains after the incineration process, by using innovative separation installations. This is an important step towards a clean society. Our waste will be part of the infrastructure, like the paving stones on FabCity’s terrace. The brand name for our secondary or urban raw materials is UrbaniteTM! Our goal is to reuse 100% of the bottom ash in infra- structure projects.

The Salt Project

The Salt Project is a biomimetic research & design initiative aiming to build with local waste – in this case salt in desert areas. We have developed a salt based building material and are currently testing its possibilities; feel free to try it out. We think the salt chairs on campus are the first steps on our way to complete cities out of seawater.