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Urban Garden

VGT_strawberries_planter_1-400x300This vegetable garden is specially made for the restaurant of Fabcity, in close collaboration with the restaurants, its chefs and Pakhuis de Zwijger. It is constructed by Amstelhoveniers, a garden and landscape company involved in a lot of urban agriculture projects. The materials and plants are supplied by Hortami MoesTuinwinkel Amsterdam, an innovative urban farming centre.


BroodvergisterThe Gascoland BreadDigester turns surplus bread into biogas, used to fuel a bread oven. It connects issues like energy production and food preservation from surplus, the social aspects of cooking and eating together and the international sharing of knowledge, experience and tastes. Cooks from very different cultures show traditional techniques of baking gas-saving bread and share their preserved foods.


AEB Amsterdam and Inashco recover valuable metals and minerals from the bottom ash which remains after the incineration process, by using innovative separation installations. This is an important step towards a clean society. Our waste will be part of the infrastructure, like the paving stones on FabCity’s terrace. The brand name for our secondary or urban raw materials is Urbanite™! Our goal is to reuse 100% of the bottom ash in infrastructure projects.

© by Jitske Schols

© by Jitske Schols


Ons Eten (Our Food) is the local food & drinks supplier. OE uses organic and locally produced products and tries to reduce waste by pre-ordering food. Farmers will grow their produce on-demand which should lead to honest prices and less food waste. By connecting consumers directly to farmers, consumers are more in control of quality and availability of produce and get more connected with farm live in general.

groene-metropool-amsterdamMy Earth De Stelling 2.0

Turning a former military defence zone into a Green Climate Belt is the goal of Corporation MyEarth, an innovative area developing organisation. The so-called Stelling of Amsterdam will be covered in adaptive vegetation from Greenport Aalsmeer – an operation which should be completed in 2022. At FabCity, you will find examples of the plants used.