Who we are

We are Makerversity, initially a community of makers in Somerset House in the centre of London. In the 40000 m2 cellar underneath this palace, we design and manufacture everything creative and tangible: art, Robotica, food, furniture, hardware.

MV_Web_Logo_2The industry of makers is normally hidden away somewhere in an ugly industrial area. But why? Makers are proper entrepreneurs who deserve a place in the heart of the city. And now they can, because we collaborate and share the latest technology and machines with each other. Recently we have started a dependance on the former navy base in Amsterdam. There’s 1200 m2 available, 750 m2 of which we use as a communal machine and workspace. Everyone who has a good idea for manufacturing something can enroll with us. You will get your own office space, unlimited admission to machines and a community of experts. We also offer basic training and interesting programmes around makers from the Netherlands and abroad.

What we do

Our pavilion on campus is available as a workspace for two months. People can collaborate and also get acquainted with the latest technology. We will have several handbooks ready for our visitors. We will be there with our entire team.

Why we are here

The campus is a unique opportunity for collaboration and further innovation, because of its innovative parties, technologies, materials and products. What we’d like to add is some kind of do-it-yourself-feeling.

What we want

We want FabCity to continue throughout the world. In future cities where alternative business models function perfectly; where collaboration is just normal, where everything is produced locally. Where there’s no more CO2 emission nor waste and where a new kind of human being lives. The kind that knows how to be self-sufficient and make things.