Who we are

We are Kantoorkaravaan, providers of inspiring outdoor work spaces. We’re here for everyone who wants to trade the hectic office life in the city for a quiet place in nature. In the Veluwe woods for instance, or somewhere in the outskirts of Amsterdam or the dunes of Terschelling Island: everything is possible. We also offer organisations and groups customised workshops and other DoItYourself-activities, located near hiking routes and in the open air. Our work units are previously owned caravans, transformed into offices equiped for our modern life: mobile, connected and self-sufficient.


What we do

On campus, we want to make people aware of the existence of a Tiny Office movement, next to the better known Tiny House movement. One of our off-grid flex work offices will be placed on site for rent to people who are looking for a pleasant, temporary work place. We will also transform a caravan into a mobile forest-office, on campus. Our team consists of founders Tom van der Beek and Carolien Koehorst. We will bring along Valentijn Hutte, who is responsible for the actual transformation, representatives of Sungevity, sponsoring our solar panels, and other partners like Interface, Studio Weltevree and ASN Bank.

Why we are here

We are here to give people a glance into the near future. New technology is enabling us to completely restyle our current way of living and working. The campus shows many alternatives. Alternatives which, oddly enough, often resemble our initial nomadic way of living. In those days, life, work and nature were one. They formed a necessary and often uncomfortable entity. Modern technology can make this unity pleasant and harmonious. Currently, we see two movements emerging, towards a greener future. The city is becoming greener and people are getting less rigid when it comes to choosing their locations for working and living.

What we want

We hope we can convince people of the need to restore the balance between people and nature. We want developers and urban planners to realise we should reconsider the way we are building. We want to head into a future where the city’s and country’s ecological footprint will be diminished to the bare minimum. A future with self-sufficient places to live and work, with decentralised production of energy, with goods being manufactured locally.