Heijmans One

Who we are

Heijmans_mac-logo_pos_CMYKWe are Heijmans, makers of the Heijmans ONE, a comfortable, mobile home for one. ONE has solved two acute problems: the lack of good, temporary rental and starter homes and the desolate sight of abandoned urban areas. But there’s more to gain. We are doing research into the future of living and its technological implications. We want to make the Heijmans ONE 100 percent self-sufficient. This is one of the things we’d like to work on, on campus, together with partners like Eneco, Alliander, SPARK, Van Vliet and Hemel(s)water – our partners in taking on this challenge.

What we do

We will bring a Heijmans ONE, which will be inhabited by a student data science. We will put solar panels on both roof parts. We’re also proud of a scoop: we will be one of the first Dutch users of the Tesla Powerwall, in collaboration with Eneco. It is basically a house battery, which stores energy to help make the house more durable. It is one of the steps towards an off-grid future for the Heijmans ONE, and supplying excess energy to a micro-grid.

Another plan is connecting a plug-and-play water treatment system – it collects, filters and supplies water to the house, making it independent from conventional water networks. Sensors will help us measure and monitor the performances of the house, like the usage of water and energy, the amount of sun hours and the temperature outside. By the end of our stay we will know more about the sustainable systems we need for a self-sufficient ONE.

We welcome people to visit the house. A special treat is the colourful glow-in-the-dark playground with light effects, which we will install as a bonus experience on campus. And we will organise, together with knowledge centre Spark, a construction hackathon for the best idea in self-sufficient living.

Why we are here

We want to investigate the idea of ‘new living’ and discover the future, together with other parties, so we can strengthen each other. Heijmans ONE is an amazing product which we can improve with all the knowledge available on campus.

What we want

We hope to make an important step ahead in offering a new way of living. An agreeable, affordable en less damaging way. We hope to convince the government to actively make mobile living possible, on a large scale.