Who we are

BroodvergisterCascoland is an international network of artists, architects designers, and performers sharing a fascination for interdisciplinary interventions in public space aiming at a more ecological and socially sustainable society.

What we do

At FabCity, we demonstrate one of our projects: The Gascoland BreadDigester. It turns surplus bread into biogas, used to fuel a bread oven. It connects issues like energy production and food preservation from surplus, the social aspects of cooking and eating together and the international sharing of knowledge, experience, and tastes. Cooks from very different cultures – like Marocco, Pakistan, Eritrea and Italy show traditional techniques of baking gas-saving bread (on the stove) and share their preserved foods. These are all people with extraordinary stories.


Why we are here

We want to share the knowledge of our cooks with the public, as well as their stories. FabCity is also an opportunity for our cooks to extend their networks and develop their skills.

What we want

We want our participants to connect with other FabCity-residents and the public. The BreadDigester is generating a lot of attention; after FabCity, it will travel to other places. Here, we are looking to generate interest in our other projects as well.