Finch Buildings

Who we are

Logo Finch BuildingsWe are Finch Buildings, creators, and constructors of modular, wooden buildings, based on the principle of extreme durability. We are to the building world what Tesla is to cars. Our buildings are self-sufficient, energy wise. The materials we use are one hundred percent recyclable. We don’t use any raw materials manufactured in a process releasing CO2. Better still; the solid wood we use has absorbed tons of CO2. We choose wood because it creates a living environment which is healthier than one made out of stone or concrete.

What we do

We are excited because on campus we will show our units for the very first time in public. We are allowed to place four of them, which we are happy with, because this way we can demonstrate the versatility of our units. They are expandable, stackable and mobile. On the ground floor, we will place two studio’s to form our office and maker space. On top of those, we will stack a living studio and a Bed & Breakfast unit where we, or other guests, can actually reside and where we welcome everyone interested in this accommodation.

We will bring a team of seven enthusiastic students and professionals, among whom our founder Jurrian Knijtijzer. We will also bring a large network of partners from different backgrounds, like our manufacturer De Groot Vroomshop.

Why we are here

We hope we can inspire people and can be inspired by others on the subject of durable living and building. Inspiration begins when you can demonstrate the possibilities of your company and the industry you work in. Buildings worldwide are responsible for a staggering 36 percent of all CO2-emission. By making all our modules completely carbon positive, we are part of the solution to a global problem.


What we want

We want durability to become mainstream, in theory, and practice. Durable houses should be available and affordable for everyone. Not just in the Netherlands but all over the world. Currently, we are looking into translating our concept to the Philippine situation. We expect this to result in adjusted modules, made from different kinds of wood. But, of course, they will be built in the spirit of Finch Buildings.