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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme

Materials & Fabrication

Several participants will show the endless possibilities of waste materials. And how to grow and use building materials without making a huge ecological footprint. It’s not all about high technology like 3D printers, but also about easily accessible materials, like hemp and re-usable plastic. Meet the Waste & Materials participants who will demonstrate production processes and showcase an interesting variety of products.

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New bricks on the block
Academy of Architecture students present their work
Coffee and repairs
Czech artist Viktor invites the locals for some small electronic and basic bicycle repairs.
Weekly visit
School kids are bringing plastic waste.
Een rondje FabCity
Een rondje FabCity in 4 minuten met cultureel intendant Egbert Fransen.
Making it concrete
Italian developer 3D concrete printer at FabCity.
Put your hand up for FabCity!
Become part of the FabCity team as a volunteer, before it's too late.
It’s all about sharing
Flo.Co’s waste house is growing, as is its community.
FabCity in Folia
An extensive report of FabCity, including photos, tips and interviews, in student magazine Folia [in Dutch].
Table for fifty, please
It is not everyday you get to sit at a ten metre long table, but now at FabCity, you can.
A race for plastic waste
How do you get people to start recycling waste? Turn it into a race.
FabCity is a fact
"This is the best The Netherlands has to offer" - Jet Bussemaker
FabCity Under Construction
All hands on deck for FabCity
First FabCity Flag
It's official, the first sustainable city in The Netherlands is on its way
Find out who you’ll meet at FabCity
Kantoorkaravaan, Studioninedots, WASTED, MX3d and many more.
3D print scoop!
Concrete printer is coming to FabCity.
Living in bread and bones
FabCity Update on building with Waste
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