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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme

Arts & Theatre

Two established Amsterdam festivals will use the campus as an extra stage, showing performances relating to the theme of Europe by People - the future of everyday living. Holland Festival and Over het IJ Festival both will use the innovative stage at FabCity. Throughout June there will be an exciting alternative programme filled with dance, movies and music.

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Over het IJ festival op FabCity
Zeecontainerprogramma Over het IJ festival op FabCity gaat van start.
Een rondje FabCity
Een rondje FabCity in 4 minuten met cultureel intendant Egbert Fransen.
Put your hand up for FabCity!
Become part of the FabCity team as a volunteer, before it's too late.
Guess who’s performing
YoungGangsters open theatre season at FabCity.
FabCity in Folia
An extensive report of FabCity, including photos, tips and interviews, in student magazine Folia [in Dutch].
Griekse cocktail zonder hoop
Xenitia.16 in Compagnietheater, afgelopen zaterdag 30 april.
Poëzie in oorlog
Metamorphosis van Mime Wave in Tolhuistuin op 19, 20 en 21 april.
Confrontatie tussen dansen in vrijheid en leven in angst
Dit gebeurde er op de Dag van de Dans in de voetgangerszone in het centrum van Brussel.
FabCity is a fact
"This is the best The Netherlands has to offer" - Jet Bussemaker
FabCity Under Construction
All hands on deck for FabCity
Henk Wildschut on his pictures of Calais
This month, The Wall shows the consequences of walls.
First FabCity Flag
It's official, the first sustainable city in The Netherlands is on its way
Find out who you’ll meet at FabCity
Kantoorkaravaan, Studioninedots, WASTED, MX3d and many more.
Over het IJ Festival is looking for theatre makers!
Join the Over het IJ Sea Container project
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