Who are we?

cyclespaceWe are CycleSpace, an Amsterdam based, globally minded collective of architects, urban designers, technologists and entrepreneurs with a grand scheme to make cycling the world’s pre-eminent mode of city transport. Car-centric cities are responsible for problems on a human and planetary scale. Bicycle-oriented cities will usher us into a new age of practical, green, happy, healthy citizens and planet. To catalyse the transition, we initiate projects that push the boundaries of cycling in all areas of life. One of our members is the Australian architect, lecturer and urban planning philosopher Steven Fleming, author of the book ‘Cycle Space: Architecture and Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle’.

What we do

We have an inside and an outside programme. Together with partner Dura Vermeer we will create an outdoor cycling path, experimenting and researching different kinds of surfaces as well as the overall psychological, sociological, cultural, and physical benefits of the cycling experience.

cyclespaceWe will be showcasing future cycle-centric city designs and parking solutions in a prototype gallery, and we will introduce the Bicycle Mayor Program – naming ambassadors that represent and accelerate bicycle progress in their home cities. There will be riding and workshop activities for children; and we will organise the second edition of CycleHack Amsterdam, a weekend-long event where people pitch and build ideas to make cycling easier and more accessible.

In varying combinations you can meet Roos Stallinga, Maud de Vries, Lee Feldman, Steven Fleming, Maarten Woolthuis, Norbert Mol, Cornelia Dinca, and Floortje Vermeer.

Why we are here

We believe that the bicycle is an iconic representation of sustainable living. A sustainable city is a city where bicycles are the main enablers of trips, the connective tissue that links all mobility modes. All without unnecessary power consumption, no harmful emissions, and ultimately very low extended externalities.

What we want

We are searching for partners that exemplify the most forward thinking ideas about how the bicycle impacts the future, to rally around our project to accelerate the shift. As we speak we are conducting talks with Brompton, the manufacturer of the iconic folding bike, about a completely new way to think about bicycle rental and sharing. It is our belief that by 2030, one billion more people cycle in cities all over the world. This impact at scale will be a catalyst to ever increasing levels of happiness, health and prosperity for city dwellers.