Circular Pavilion

Who we are

AMS_LogoRED1We are AMS, the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. For two years now, we have been researching solutions for, and education about current and future metropolitan challenges like mobility, health(care), waste and the provision of water, energy and food. The city is our laboratory – we will set up different experiments and testing zones. We are inclined to practical solutions, solving things along the way. ‘We’ is not just the knowledge institutions involved. Governments, companies and the Amsterdam residents are also participating. New technology is always important in our methods – we use and analyse a lot of data – but the solutions we strive for are very much aimed at humans. Together we design the future city, in which it is good to live and work.

What we do

Together with Alliander (Zown) and Waternet, we will visualise the campus’ heartbeat. Visitors can watch, in realtime, the campus’ streams of energy, water, waste and visitors, on two screens. And we will show how people feel at FabCity, by analysing tweets and posts of visitors.

We are also participating in the Learning Lab pavilion. Here we will speak about our methods and the stories behind the circular city. For instance, about how much phosphate you can distract from urine for fertilising the land. Furthermore, we are involved in the off-campus educational programme. This entails solution-driven research which will be done by 200 (inter)national students in 11 urban area’s. Research for example into the local recycling of construction waste in the new Bijlmer Quarters, or connecting streams of waste in the Amsterdam ArenA-area and thus giving new value to waste. The students will report on a weekly basis in The Learning Lab and visitors are kindly invited to join these presentations.

We are here with a team of students, researchers and lecturers of the mother institutes TU Delft, Wageningen UR and the MIT from Boston, USA. Another 20 employees of our network of companies will also be present. Together with our partners, we will organise a two-day think tank session at FabCity for students and young professionals. The results will be presented on June 14.


Why we are here

FabCity at Java Island is a test zone for a new way of living, working and manufacturing, with circularity as the common denominator. We want to share the stories behind circular initiatives with the residents of Amsterdam, tourists and policy makers.

What we want

We hope we can raise awareness about the circular city. We want it to be absolutely normal to build and live on circular principles. A life without waste. And we want to empower the Amsterdam resident, so he or she can achieve this. This is both a fantastic and a realistic dream.