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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme
The official cultural programme
for the Netherlands Presidency of the European Union 2016

Connecting the community
The Knowledge Mile is an initiative to create the smartest street in the Netherlands.
It’s all about sharing
Flo.Co’s waste house is growing, as is its community.
Learning to take ten steps back
A report about the first research weeks in the Wildemanbuurt - by Kiki Kolman
FabCity in Jeugdjournaal
National television visits premises.
De Kleine Kapitein enters FabCity
Official opening educational programme.
How to be a perfect team player?
Report on Workshop FabCity student programme - by Willeke Geertsema
A Soft Atlas of Oosterdokseiland
First steps towards an infrastructural map of Oosterdokseiland.
FabCity in Folia
An extensive report of FabCity, including photos, tips and interviews, in student magazine Folia [in Dutch].
Make connections, think social & create stories
Participant Mariana Martínez Balvanera engages in action research in Buiksloterham.
A digital Wasted Wallet to stimulate plastic recyling
Creating an application instead of plastic
From first impressions to forming ideas
Report Student Programme - Area Oosterdokseiland - by Camilla Hanney
Griekse cocktail zonder hoop
Xenitia.16 in Compagnietheater, afgelopen zaterdag 30 april.
An expedition through the Oosterdokseiland area.
Poëzie in oorlog
Metamorphosis van Mime Wave in Tolhuistuin op 19, 20 en 21 april.
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