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The future of everyday living
EU2016 arts & design programme
The official cultural programme
for the Netherlands Presidency of the European Union 2016

Pupils of OBS Overhoeks building bridge of Future Island
Build The City Mag and Idea Camp 2017
Our proud partner ECF (European Cultural Foundation) is hosting the Idea Camp 2017 - Build The City.
Living in a box
Cardboard workshop warm success.
A Green Concept
We finished our concept for the ODE, presented it to the project office BPD, got feedback and ended up in some interesting meetings.
Solutions for people with Alzheimer
The ADS-mirror, a product which supports the daily life structure.
The shackle theory
Circularity for ordinary citizens
To bee…
Hans Kalliwoda's veggie rocket science
Food for thought: the Amsterdam ArenA as the center of green innovation
Creating a sustainable food cycle for the ArenA
Een mythologische bull-ride. Bevecht oppergod Zeus en kom op voor Europa!
Connect the Neighbourhood
Eén grote puzzel voor meer sociale cohesie in het Oostelijk Havengebied.
Engineering the future city
Where technical and social connect. A midterm FabCity presentation.
Let’s print some concrete
BAM and Universe Architecture together with alderman Eric van de Burg have launched the 3D BUILDER, a revolutionary robo printer which can print stone and concrete.
Circularity challenges at Amsterdam Arena
Students from Wageningen University develop solutions for plastic waste at the Amsterdam Arena.
Making Amsterdam a better place
An intense adventure of the Oosterdokseiland
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